Creating Happiness

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Welcome to the art of creative meditation

Learn a simple yet magical system to create your own mandalas from your intuition (no previous experience required)

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Bring peace and relaxation into your life as you are guided to create your own mandala designs from your own imagination.


Do you have a busy 'to-do-list' mind? Always on the go, too active, and in need of a rest?

Would you like to learn how to give your mind a rest and discover an inner world you never know existed?

In this mini course you will learn a process that will help you take to listen to that inner whisper calling you to sink into the joy of simply creating as you infuse your mandala with all of your positive energy, hopes, and dreams.


This Creating Happiness Lesson is from the first week of my Painting Happiness Experience
which is for you if…


You know there is more to life than running just to keep up

You are tired of your perfectionist holding you back

You have forgotten what it feels like to let out your inner child who just wants to PLAY

You want an easy creative practice to bring more FREEDOM, FUN, and FLOW into your life
You are being called to connect to your inner creative wisdom.


This Creating Happiness Lesson is not for you if ...

You're comfortable that your perfectionist is running the show
You're perfectly happy with life being serious instead of FUN

This is what my process is truly about. It’s about you giving yourself permission to truly create happiness in all areas of your life which starts with allowing yourself the time and space to uncover the dreams you have hidden inside.

Imagine playfully kicking perfectionism and comparison to the curb and being the 'YOU' you've always dreamed of.

The Happiness Guarantee

I know for sure this process works - so if you try the lesson and you can't create your own mandala I will refund your investment 100%


This Creative Happiness Lesson includes:

An instructional video, and printable handout where I coach you through my intuitive mandala process

A guided meditation to quieten your busy mind

A printable introduction to mandalas

A printable journal page and colouring page created by Angela

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Enroll in Course for $12

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