Painting Happiness 6 week experience

A super simple process to create mandalas from your own imagination combined with coaching techniques to manifest a creative life you love

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Welcome to Painting Happiness.

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Painting Happiness in one minute

A sneak peek of the painting process - but there is so much more!!!

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Have you always admired artists who create amazing, intricate mandalas, but wouldn’t know where to start?

Or you’ve tried a couple of tutorials but felt there were too many rules and it had to be planned to perfection?

Would you love an art practice which helps you feel calm and confident about your artistic ability? Or you just want to be able to create beautiful art consistently without the need to always follow step by step instructions?

Welcome to Painting Happiness – a magical yet simple process which empowers you to create the most wonderous bold and intricate mandalas without the need for a plan, and zero experience.

Bring freedom, fun and flow into your creative life

As you are guided to paint mandalas representing your universe with you at the centre, you will bring more FREEDOM, FUN and FLOW into your creative life.

Mandalas have been used for decades as a way of connecting to your inner world. The process of creating a mandala helps to quieten your busy mind and relieves stress. It is a creative mindfulness practice which helps centre you and bring you back to your true self time after time.

The great thing about Painting Happiness is that you will learn how to draw a mandala anywhere, anytime, with the minimum amount of supplies.

I also show you how to use mandalas as a manifesting tool, much like a vision board. But a vision board which only you and the universe know what it contains. What an amazing way to manifest your ideal creative life!

The Painting Happiness Experience is for you if…

You want to create your own art from your imagination without following all the rules

 You have forgotten what it feels like to get messy for the FUN of it, and your inner child just wants to come out and PLAY with paint

You want an easy creative practice to bring more FREEDOM, FUN and FLOW into your creative life

You are excited and can’t wait to get wildly creative

You are craving connection with other magical souls who are creating HAPPINESS in the world

This is me before and after discovering the art of Painting Happiness! WOW!

The Painting Happiness Experience is not for you if…

You’ve not got excited butterflies right now

You’re perfectly happy letting perfectionism and comparison run your creative life

You’re happy following all the rules instead of having FUN

You feel that creating from your own imagination is for other people

Painting Happiness is not about being happy, happy all of the time, that’s not real life. But it’s about the happiness and calm you feel while you are painting, and painting what makes you feel at your happiest.

Painting Happiness is a combination of drawing, painting and life coaching techniques to help you get the best from your art and your life.

If you’d like to be a confident, chilled out artist who can create as many different mandalas as you can imagine time after time – join me for Painting Happiness.

Truly creating happiness in all areas of your life starts with allowing yourself the time and space to develop a creative outlet to express what your heart is really wanting to say. Imagine playfully kicking perfectionism and comparison to the curb and being the YOU - you’ve always dreamed of.

This is what my process is truly about. It’s about you and the canvas, loads of glorious colour, permission to PLAY and a whole lot of FUN supported by like-minded beginners.

The Happiness Guarantee

I know for sure this process works - so if you take part in all parts of the course and you don't see more FREEDOM, FUN or FLOW in your creative life I will refund your investment 100%

Painting Happiness online includes:

6 weekly videos and pdfs where I coach you through my Painting Happiness process

Access to the 'Painting Happiness Online' Facebook group where I support your creative dreams

Journal and colouring pack which I have handcrafted for this experience

Plus a side of Sunshine and Happiness and Community


Imagine spending 6 whole weeks of intuitive artful play, and uncovering your creative DREAMS. I am proof that the more creative you allow yourself to be, the more you can bring your dreams to life even when they feel too hard or out of reach. In this 6 week experience, you too will let go of your 'shoulds' and bring FREEDOM, FUN and FLOW into your life – yay!!

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Enroll in Course for $69

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